UNT Clarinet Studio

Current students, check here for important information and documents.

Greg Raden's Spring 2018 Teaching Schedule

Dallas Symphony Orchestra (Student tickets available here)


For current students and Clarinet Club Members:

Clarinet Studio Class meets weekly on Fridays from 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM in Music Building Room 232 (Orchestra Rehearsal Room).

Attendance REQUIRED of all Undergraduate and Graduate Majors and Concentrations in Clarinet

  • Please, sign in the attendance sheet during each studio class. It is the student's responsibility to sign in.
  • If the student has not signed next to his or her name, it will be marked as an absence!


If you would like to perform in a studio class (with your teacher's approval), e-mail Erin Cameron (ErinCameron@my.unt.edu) to be added to the schedule. Requests to perform must be received by WEDNESDAY (6:00 PM). Please include the following information in your email: 

1. Title
2. Composer's full name/dates
3. Movements
4. Duration 
5. Accompanist's full name and email

Studio performance spots are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and if you need to perform earlier or later in the hour due to your accompanist or other conflicts, please specify your needs in the e-mail.


Clarinet Studio Syllabus (Spring 2018)

International Clarinet Association
All UNT clarinet students are encouraged to become members of the International Clarinet Association. Membership is only $35 and includes a subscription to The Clarinet. Visit the ICA website for more information.

Musician’s Earplugs Recommended
Contact the UNT Speech and Hearing Center for a baseline hearing examination and customized earplugs. Call 940-565-2262 to make an appointment.